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3 Reasons To Care About Your Underwear

Unless you're a die hard commando enthusiast, your underwear is most likely the first piece of clothing you put on after a shower, but you probably put little to no thought about your underwear other than "boxers or briefs?" We've rounded up 3 reasons why guys should start putting more thought into their underwear.

Show Them You Care.

People can always sense your lack of effort. Your partner is no exception. Wearing old underwear with holes in them is not only unattractive but disrespectful. Show them you care with some nicely fit new underwear. Trust us, they'll notice.

Being Comfortable Matters.

Premium fabrics feel so much better the regular cotton boxer briefs. The soft smooth blend of modal and cotton soothes the skin and gives a more supportive feel and fit. When you're not going about your day telling yourself "i hate these boxers" you can spend more time doing the things you like.


Some may have too few, some may have too many. We just hope you have enough to change you underwear everyday. Most doctors recommend we change our underwear to prevent infections. So, what's in your drawer?