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How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should You Own?

Is 30 too many? 10 too few? Let's find the perfect number.
To start, if your find yourself having to wear the same pair of underwear because you ran out of cleans ones, that may be an indication that you don't have enough. But! to be fair, I only own about 9 pairs of boxer briefs. All of which I integrated into my wardrobe at the same time. I justify having only 9 pairs of underwear by doing laundry every Sunday morning. That leaves me with an extra 2 pairs laying around at the end of every week. Pretty solid rotation if you asked me.
So, what does everyone else have? I organized a very non-scientific poll on my social media channels simply asking 100 people "How many pairs of underwear do you own" Here's what I came up with.
I underestimated the idea of underwear hoarders. To me, having more than 20 was absurd, then I found out that there were people who actually had/have over 30 pairs of underwear. I couldn't wrap my head around why anyone would have so many. I thought about it for a second and realized how lazy we actually were. For some, this is a laundry-avoidance technique; others just like the security of having extra undies on hand at any time. 
So, is there a perfect number of how many pairs of underwear you should own Mileage certainly plays a role and how frequently you do laundry does as well. Nonetheless, majority of the poll indicated that they had in the ball park of 15 pairs or fewer , which assured me that I wasn’t crazy for getting overwhelmed when found out people had more than 30. What’s important is to figure out who you are and how much underwear you really need. I like the idea of having a clean pair of underwear everyday so my answer would be around 10-15 assuming you do laundry every week or so.