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Online Shopping Is Better.

We all love to shop for many reasons. We all have things we want to buy. Weather it's clothes, shoes, sports gear or even food, we love the act of making a purchase. Online shopping as made it easy to purchase just about anything, anywhere and anytime. Below I thought of a few reasons I love to shop online and many other shopaholics.
No crowds, no lines, no wait.
By far my most favorite thing about shopping online. As I get older I try to spend my time not doing things I don't need to and spend more time on things I enjoy. Areas like New York City are awesome to go out and shop around, but that means there will be massive crowds, long lines, and 15 minute waits to try things on. I'd so rather just sit at home catching up on the new episode of Billions.
Coupons and Savings.
With the arrival of apps such as Honey and RetailMeNot there are more ways to save than ever before. These apps allow you to shop at any online store and will help you find coupon codes and apply them at your checkout to make sure you're spending as little as possible for the things you want. Let the savings begin!
No Commute.
The biggest obstacle between me and school was the commute. I always hated waiting for the bus, the train, and some days when I was late, a cab. That transferred over to me never wanting to leave the house unless i absolutely had to. It's much more easier for me to sit at home, find what I like and have it delivered to my front door with just a few clicks.
While it may not be Christmas in June. It certainly feels like it when your package arrives. I love the feeling of opening up a package that I waited 2-3 days for. It's always more comfortable for me to try on things I bought at home than it is at the store.
Maybe underwear is the perfect item to purchase online. We've made it easy for you to try on your boxer briefs in the comfort of your own home. Still haven't tried Pomono? We'll send you a trail pair, just cover the s/h cost of $5. Who else let's you try on underwear before committing?