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Should You Try On Underwear?

Nowadays I find myself talking about underwear with just about everyone I know and meet. One topic that came up was the idea of trying on underwear before you bought them. I totally understand the idea of wanting to try something on before you purchase it, but when it comes to underwear, the simple answer is no, for a handful of reasons. Though a store will never stop you from trying on the underwear you should never actually do it. For the .0000001% out there that must try them on, please keep in mind some things you may come in contact with: body lice, bedbugs, fungal infections, factory chemicals and so much more.
The good thing about underwear is that it is usually stretchy and have a lot of "give" in it. If you’re unsure of size to begin with, use deductive reasoning. Remember the whole “If A=B and B=C, then A=C” spiel you learned in school? Now, it actually comes in handy. If your gym shorts are a medium, your bathing suit is a medium, and the underwear you’re currently wearing are a medium, go with a size medium in your underwear. 
Not being able to try on underwear has led people to never buy/try anything new because they feel if the current one works well, "why do I need to get a different kind?" There is some truth to that, but how are you suppose to know that what you're wearing is the best if its the only brand/style you've ever had?
We've put together our trail program so that you don't have to feel weird about trying on new underwear for the first time. So in almost all cases we recommend that you do not try on the underwear, but with us, YES, please do. Plus, you get to try them on at home.