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The Best Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Let's face it, we all love summer, but when summer comes around, it comes with it's heatwaves. The roads start to melt, our cars turn into ovens and we even stay at the office a little longer just to be in the AC. With temperatures going above 95 degrees, it's fair to say we'll all be on a mission to stay cool this summer. Below are some of the strategies we are using to stay cool this summer!
Stay away from the grill.
When it's 95 degrees outside, whipping up some burgers and hotdogs may sound like a good idea but it is definitely not. If standing outside just isn't hot enough, tending the grill will have you feeling like you're on the grill yourself. Instead, chow down on cool, room-temperature dishes (salads are clutch) to avoid generating any more heat.
Unplug at night.
As in, literally disconnect electronics. Gadgets and other small appliances give off heat, even when turned off. Reduce total heat in the house (and save energy!) by keeping plugs out of sockets when the appliances are not in use. (this should actually be done every night throughout the year)
Hang out.
Cool down a whole room by hanging a wet cold sheet in front of an open window. The breeze blowing in will quickly bring down the room’s temperature. (thanks mom!)
Find water.
Literally. Stay as hydrated as you can throughout your day. If you plan to hangout outdoors, find an area where there is a body of water. Areas where there are water tend to be much much cooler than other places.
Wear Pomono.
Yes, wearing the proper underwear will have you feeling much cooler than you normally would. We engineered our fabric so that it keeps you cool when its hot and warm when it's cold. Wearing heavy cotton boxer briefs can have you feeling sweaty all day. Trust us on this one, the lighter the underwear, the better. Pomono is here for you.