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Underwear Innovation?

I always loved when I discovered an innovative brand or product. Knowing that there are people out there making things better and life easier for society is something I always celebrated, celebrated by supporting these individuals and brands.

Innovation does not only come from the tech industry, it comes from consumer brands as well. Consumer brands are finding ways to offer unparalleled services and building/making products we did not know we needed. But with the advent of all these technologies and start-ups, some brands have used clever vocabulary to overcharge for a product that is simply not innovative.

It's my job nowadays to know everything about underwear and what goes on in the underwear industry. One thing that i've noticed is all the "underwear innovation" that exist today. Nearly every single brand claims that have some super innovative fabric, fit and, technology that is totally worth charging an arm and a leg for. Simply put, they're lying. Lying to themselves at a minimum and lying to the consumer at a maximum. Here are a few examples of fake innovation. 

SILVER infused fabrics.

Though there may be some truth that having silver infused with fabrics may help be more sanitary, it's not entirely so. Yes, silver has antimicrobial, thermoregulating properties, and odor repelling properties, but a very very very small percentage that your boxers will fight off all the bacteria, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter AND keep you from smelling bad. Killing .0001% of bacteria isn't much of a difference, the thermoregulating properties will maybe, just maybe help you keep cool or warmer by 1 degree, and the odor repelling property? It's not going to help. If you stink, stink, dude. No way to help unless you shower. The use of SILVER in technology isn't to help the consumer, it's to cheat them out of a few extra bucks. This to me is not innovation.

The "revolutionary" fit

This one makes me upset when I read it in ads for nearly every single fashion/apparel line. The claims are- "4 way stretch fabric", "no roll up legs" "stay put legs" and so much more. Well, if we think about it, all fabrics stretch 4 ways, actually, they can be pulled from every direction. The whole "no roll up" is somewhat true but not entirely. When you move, your clothes will move as well. It may not roll up as some of the mass market brands you get at the department store, but it will still roll up from time to time. The "pouch" is kinda cool but it's not worth an extra $10 for about 2 inches of fabric that claim to hold the boys together.

 So does innovation exist for men's underwear? I don't think so. At least none that I would consider innovation. What I think brands should focus on is, being honest and offering products and services that improve consumers lives. That means bringing prices down when they can, offer really really great customer services and just simply make products and services that consumers are happy to support. Another thing that is better than fake innovation is having a mission that would participate in making society better.