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Which Underwear Style is Best?

Considering underwear is the first piece of clothing you slip into every day, it is the piece of clothing that is least seen when you go out. This probably means you give little to no thought on what kind of underwear you actually put on. But it's probably worth putting a little thought into - getting the right pair of underpants in your armoury not only means you feel better all day long, but also means your clothes will feel better too.
The thing that’s most important when you’re buying underwear is to be honest with yourself. This is the layer that sits closest to your skin, so if your underwear doesn’t feel good or doesn’t support you enough, then it’s time to start trying new styles and sizes.
So what kind of styles exist out there and which one is for you?
The boxer short
In 1925, boxer shorts were introduced to the world. Boxers are loose-fitting underwear with no support, but more breathability than any other undergarment. Many boxer shorts have an open fly, allowing the user an exit route with maximum ease the boxer short also featuring an elastic waistband inspired by the shorts worn by boxers (fighters). If you prefer loose fitting underwear not to hug your legs/thighs these are for you. Especially if you like to roam around.
The boxer brief
This is bar far my most favorite and as this stage in my life, the only kind of underwear i have in my drawer. You get the best of both worlds with men’s boxer briefs. There’s extra fabric that covers more of the thigh area. The boys feel very comfortable and well-supported. As best of all, your partners will love the way it looks on you. It's partly why it is our first offering.
Tighty whitey
These were the first kind of underwear I ever wore. I had no real opinion on them probably until I turned 9-10. As the years went on I found out about boxer shorts, along with all the different colors they came in. By the time i was 12 i made the full transition to boxers and have not wore a pair of tighty whiteys since. Now they just feel like something someone would wear when they've given up on theirselves. They are white,  sleeveless, incredibly tight and worst of all, they don't make me feel very confident.
A trunk cut is a hybrid of a brief and boxer brief without the extra fabric (in other words, they’re boxer briefs with short legs and a square appearance). If you like briefs but want to try something a little different, consider trunks. Though for me, it feels a bit weird no having anything covering my thighs.
While there are more different styles out there that we prefer not to mention, we think these 4 choices are all you'll ever need. If you're like me and prefer boxer briefs, you can save yourself 10% on your Pomono purchase with the coupon fov10 at the checkout!