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Why do so many people love the color Blue?

If you asked me what my favorite color was, I'd tell you green but not everyone you come across would not say green. The majority of the answers you'd get would be blue. It would be blue for many reasons. 
Believe it or not, the colors of objects, paintings and, settings have a massive impact when it comes to the way they make you feel and act. The theory for this and other colors is that we favor colors associated with good things. Blue is associated with a clear sky (air and good weather) and clean bodies of water, so people tend to respond well to blue colors. 
It's no coincidence that some of the worlds biggest and well known companies use the color blue- Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Gap, HP, Samsung, Chase, Walmart and so much more. They understand that first impression matters, having a calming and welcoming feel helps us appreciate the brand a bit more. It's really hard to think of negative blue things.
Pomono uses blue but not because of the reasons above. I did not do a scientific research on why Pomono should use blue as a brand color. Instead, I was inspired the Superhero, Batman. My favorite cartoon character growing up. I thought I'd integrate a little bit of Batman's blue and grey colors into the brand, so I did. Maybe the people who created Batman did a lot of RND to come up with the Batman colors. Whatever it is, I'm glad blue was thrown in there.