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Why do we get so hot when we sleep?

Why does anyone ever wake up hot and sweaty? Sure, you may just be one of those people who are destined to be a wildly sweaty sleeper, but what you sleep with will play a huge role to how well you sleep. The bed, sheets, pillow and your clothes will determine how you will sleep at night. Your body temperature and sleep are very closely related to one another. In fact, temperature plays a huge role in your sleep-wake cycle. Sleeping cool will allow you to sleep through the night much easier.
So, how do we keep cool while we sleep?
One obvious way is to leave the AC on all night but that can get really expensive if you're doing that every night.
Below are a few tricks to help you sleep longer and cooler this summer.
This one may seem counterintuitive but it works.
Take a warm shower before bed.
A warm shower helps prepare your body for sleep. The core body temperature drops to induce sleep. Soaking or showering in warm water initially increases your body temperature, but as soon as you get out, it drops.
Sleep in just underwear.
We absolutely recommend that you do not sleep with a full body of clothes. We actually recommend that you sleep in a pair of Pomono boxer briefs. We've designed a fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Air can pass freely beneath your body, even when the material contours the boys.
Keep the fan by the window.
Using a fan is a lot less expensive than using an AC all night. Allow your room to bring in fresh air from the outside by allowing your fan to be placed by the window. Temperatures drop incredibly after the sun sets.