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Why Men Keep Their Underwear For so Long And Why You Shouldn't

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably held on to your underwear for a few years. You’ve probably even made it through college, got your dream job, and got married all in the same underwear. (clean same underwear, of course). While the timeline seems a bit long, it’s a reality for most. We tend to keep our underwear for 7 years before we dispose them. So, why do we hang on to our underwear for so long? We surveyed 100 guys and here’s what we came up with.
No expiration date/too lazy
This is mostly due to our nature of being lazy. If there are no actual expiration dates, why would we throw out our underwear? We’ll just wear them until we see holes.
Sentimental value.
The underwear we have in our drawers were a gift from mom or our partners. While we may feel bad about throwing out gifts, trust us, mom would love to hear that you frequently buy yourself fresh underwear every few months.
The “lucky” pair.
We all have one. Maybe it’s the one we wear when we have a job interview or when we go out on a first date. We’ll give this one a pass as long as they’re not ratty, faded and smelly.
No one sees them. 
We get it, it’s the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off but that doesn’t mean no one will see them. They’ll be a time where someone will see you in your underwear, we just hope when that time comes, you’re underwear will not saggy with holes in them.
While these reasons all seem fair, here are a few reason why you should refresh you underwear drawer every few months. 
You’ll feel good.
If you're looking to bring a little extra joy to the special someone in your life, try cleaning out the car, organizing the desk or putting crisp, fresh sheets on the bed. If you want to really earn some cool points, try putting on a fresh pair of underwear your partner hasn’t seen before. We promise, you’ll both feel good about it.
You’ll be more comfortable.
You won’t be bothered with saggy boxers or blown out waistbands. Having a good fitting pair of boxer briefs will allow you to go on with your day without have to adjust yourself every 30 minutes.
You’ll appear more responsible.
Buying yourself new underwear might not be a big deal to you but it will be to your partner. If you take care of yourself, others can depend on you to take care of them. One of the best ways you could learn how to take care of others is taking care of yourself. 
You’ll help someone.
While you may not help someone if you purchase outside of Pomono, here we’ve made a commitment to providing underwear to as many people as possible. With the purchase of a pair of Pomono boxer briefs, we will make a donation to someone in need. It’s a win win situation.
Give you underwear drawer a little more love. Trust us, it'll benefit you.