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Worst Things About Winter in New York.

Don't let the big screen and television fool you: New Yorkers do not love winter. We actually hate it. There's always this narrative that winter's here in New York is all beautiful white snow, hot chocolate dates, bright lights and snuggling in front of the TV. Though those are some of the things that we get to do, the other 99.9% of the things that come with winter actually suck. Really really suck. Here are some of the worst things about winter in NYC and how you can MAYBE get around it.
Catching a cold.
Also known as the common cold, once you get sick, it becomes incredibly hard to shake off. With nearly 9 million residents in the city, it's hard to get away from germs and bacteria, thanks to NYC train system. Though you can't get rid of a cold overnight, we suggest staying hydrated, resting when you can and not touching too many things in public.
The Slush.
This actually might be the worst part of winter. If you're without snow boots, your doomed with frozen and wet toes all day. Might want to get yourself some snow boots.
It gets dark before 5pm.
Yes. You read that correct, 5pm. The sooner it gets dark, the less time we have to be outside, the less we get to see our friends. I always looked at the sunlight as an indicator to how late in the day it was but in the winter, you can sometimes think it's much later than it actually is. 
Snow days.
When the snow is falling, it's actually pretty darn cool especially if you're in an area where there are bright lights everywhere. After the snow is done falling, it becomes everyone's worst nightmare. We're then plagued with black ice everywhere, longer commutes, slippery stairs, narrow sidewalks and worst of all, having to get to work.