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Our focus is and always will be to deliver great products and services. To create an intuitive, seamless and enjoyable experience, while making the cost of premium comfort more accessible.

By selling directly to you online, we’re not only able to reduce the friction of purchasing underwear, but we’re also able to offer you premium comfort at a better price.

Unlike the big brands that overdesign and overcharge, we make minimal, high quality underwear for real men who care to make smarter choices. 

We also care deeply about our communities.

There are over half a million people living without a home in the United States. On any given night these people are sleeping on the streets, in their cars or in homeless shelters. Of that number nearly 65,000 are reported to be living in New York City, making it the city with the highest population of homelessness.

New York City is our home and our home can use a lot of our help. Through our research we found that underwear is the least donated item, making it the most requested item at homeless shelters, and charities. To help fulfill this request, Pomono ensures for every pair of underwear sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. 

Our giving will start in New York City and as we grow, we'll expand to neighboring states and beyond.

Quite simple actually. Great underwear, great outcome.